Thursday, January 22, 2009

Smith Galleries E-Club

I have been spending some time today updating our E-Club sign up page on our web site.

I want to encourage you to join our E-Club. I know..."I already get so many emails." Well, the bottom line is that the print and media advertising we have been doing all these years is very expensive and it is just plain out of date with the times. Think about all the magazines and newspapers that get thrown in the landfill every day. Print is not eco-friendly!

Plus, print media is slow...we design an ad one month in advance of magazine publication and then the ad is out there for a month. With the web, we can change our website every few minutes.

Our e-club has many different interest categories for you to select. So, if you are just interested in kaleidoscopes and the fabulous Sticks furniture, you select those two categories and that is all you will receive information on...pretty cool.

You will receive a valuable coupon with seconds of joining and you can safe unsubscribe at any time.

Do us all a favor and join Smith Galleries will be glad you did.