Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pottery by Amelia Stamps Arrives Today

We are very "picky" when it comes to choosing pottery for the gallery. Some of you may recall that I (Wally) was a professional potter for many years. Perhaps I should dig up some old pictures of my work and post them on this blog for you to see? Should I?
We were excited to discover Amelia Stamps at a show we went to in May. Not only do we really like her work, but we also found her to be delightfully charming. All of her pottery is thrown on the potter's wheel and is made from a white stoneware. Her craftsmanship is flawless. The work we commissioned her to do arrived today and we had a great time unpacking it and getting it ready for you to see in the gallery. We do not have any of her work posted on our site yet, so the "Tea Set" above will have to satisfy your curiosity for now. Stop by the gallery to see the entire collection.

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hrsj said...

Amelia Stamps's pottery is so beautiful, the forms and the glaze color are stunning! I like the solid color too, it will be versatile.
I think you should post some of your own pottery. I'd like see it!