Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mike Smith Watercolors

About once a year, a box shows up at Smith Galleries containing new paintings by Mike Smith. Mike is our most popular artist and it is always exciting to open the box to see his latest creations. This group contains six new originals...five watercolors and one oil. "Bills Plane" (10"x 10")shown at left is in our opinion one of the best pieces of Mike's we have seen. "Fjord" is equally good and is also 10" x 10".
You may see the all six new pieces by clicking here and be sure to see other pieces of Mike's on our site.


ablearcher said...

I'm looking for the Mike Smith print that depicts a view of a series of backyards. Has anyone come across this print and/or know where I may acquire it? Thank you!!

Wally Smith said...

Everything currently available by Mike Smith can be seen here: