Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lee Coulter Wind Machines

Lee Coulter Wind Machines are now showing at Smith Galleries on Hilton Head Island. Born in Chicago, Lee eventually settled along the central coast of California in the late 70's, where he began an apprenticeship as a jeweler. After working as a jeweler into the mid 80's, he branched out into sculpture in stone and metals. His main focus now as an artist are fantastic wind machines. Each sculpture is handcrafted of copper and brass, insuring a quality that is guaranteed unconditionally. Wind is caught by copper 'wind cups'. This work is substantial enough to use on top of a roof, yet the graceful and hypnotic spinning motion lends an air of elegance wherever it is installed. All kinetic sculpture is available on a 3' copper pipe stand complete with materials for installation in your garden.

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