Tuesday, March 14, 2017

QMT Wind Chimes at Smith Galleries

Arias Elite Wind Chime

    The clay bells of Hazel Olsen, the glass windchimes from  Bottle Benders, and now the metal wind-chimes of QMT all have their unique appeal. From their diverse appearances to their individual sounds, these music makers are all popular additions to our outdoor living areas.

    The Arias Elite metal and wood chimes from QMT have unusual musical capabilities. These hand tuned heavy walled aluminum tubes produce exceptional tone and resonance. Available in six different sizes, each is tuned to a musical chord. Maybe one reason I (Jean) like them so much is because I play in a hand bell choir, and the longest set of chimes remind me of the sounds of our church carillon. You can feel the rich tones down deep in your soul!  You can find out more about the attention to detail that is taken in the making of QMT chimes by watching their video.
    Those of you who have visited Smith Galleries in person have undoubtedly heard us tell about the artists we represent and how we have gotten to know their families over the years. This is one advantage of craft as a business. Another characteristic of craft businesses is that they very often are made up of families. This was true with both Hazel Olsen and the Chalfants. It is also true of the Baisden family who own QMT chimes. Made in America has always been important at Smith Galleries and we enjoy getting to know the artists who run these small creative businesses. Just another reason to shop small!
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   Smith Galleries is located in suite J-II (UPSTAIRS) in the Village at Wexford at 1000 William Hilton Parkway. Gallery hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday. Call 800.272.3870 to purchase or for additional information. Visit Smith Galleries on the web at http://www.smithgalleries.com See map here.

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