Sunday, August 20, 2017

Jennifer Stas Pottery at Smith Galleries.

Which is the most important-form, function, or embellishment? For some the shape is their primary concern. Others focus mainly on the function while still others pay little attention to the shape and spend all their energies on embellishment. For Jennifer Stas, all three are important. She states, “The fundamental goal of my work is simple: a marriage between aesthetics and function, brought about through distinctive use of color and form. Jennifer starts with a practical form,
Utility jars by Jennifer Stas
one that serves the function well, and then adds volume and texture until it becomes a palette for layers of colorants and carving. Each step along the way is important in creating the right balance of function, form and embellishment.

Jennifer lives in North Carolina and finds that the natural beauty and wildlife in both the mountains and on the coasts inspire her.
Vase and plate by Jennifer Stas
They are reflected in her pottery through the use of vibrant colors set against the earthy brown of the clay as well as the contrast of matte and semi-matte glazes against shiny and hard surfaces.

Whether it is a sea turtle on a vase, a heron on a mug, or butterflies frolicking on a pair of salt and pepper shakers, Jennifer combines her love of nature with a form that serves a function as
Cream & sugar by Jennifer Stas
it pleases the eye. As in a good marriage, they compliment each other. See more of Jennifer's pottery.

Smith Galleries is located in the Village at Wexford, Suite J11 (UPSTAIRS), on Hilton Head Island. Gallery hours are 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday. 843-842-2280

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