Friday, September 4, 2009

Natalya Romanovsky Art Featured at Smith Galleries

Smith Galleries is featuring the art of Natalya Romanovsky as part of a special exhibition at the gallery. See slide show of entire exhibition.

Pictured at left is Fish, an original oil on paper measuring 15" x 15".

As an artist Romanovsky places a lot of emphasis on design. She sees beauty in the world and sets out to capture it through paintings that stress harmony between color and form.

"I want to transform the beauty around me into shapes. I try to think of my work as a process of simplifying something huge into a manageable pattern."

Through her art she attempts to create these patterns being careful not to tame the wilder energies of life. Art should always have a little mystery in it. In her paintings a mysterious and intriguing ambiance exists, reminiscent of something surrealistic leaving the viewer to find a simple meaning of life in each work.

Smith Galleries is open from 10-6 Monday through Saturday. Join our E-Club, you'll be glad you did! And be sure to ask about our new Rewards Program the next time you are in the gallery. 800.272.3870

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