Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Arden Bardol Jewelry at Smith Galleries

Arden Bardol
It’s becoming more and more common to find artists who are in the Second Act of their careers. American Craft Week even sponsored a contest and has an online gallery of artists whose craft career is their second act. But usually when this happens, they have left or retired from their first career. Not so with Arden Bardol. An architect with a degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Arden is still active in the architectural world, but about a dozen years ago she decided to branch out.
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For Arden, architecture is art on a large scale. But her love of color led her to use those same mathematical and design skills to create colorful art on a small scale. Using polymer clay and metals, Arden sculpts jewelry that is inspired both by nature and the industrial world. Much of her inspiration comes from the kaleidoscopic colors in the paintings of Gustav Klimpt and the simple shapes of the mobiles of Alexander Calder. As you look carefully at the skillfully designed jewelry of Arden Bardol, you will see the repetition of simple shapes enhanced with a wonderfully complex array of color and layers. Arden uses only the primary
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colors of polymer to mix all the colors you see in her jewelry. Each piece is either an original or one of a very limited edition.

Not content with a two act career, Arden has recently embarked on a journey to learn metalworking skills. She has taken blacksmithing classes and welding classes and has built a forge at her studio so she can construct large scale sculptures. She recently was awarded an NEA Artist Fellowship representing the state of Delaware. Her most recent work is evidence of these new skills as she incorporates the carefully worked metal into the graceful forms and geometric shapes that make her jewelry intricately feminine yet playful. As Arden continues to study and learn new skills and techniques, one can only wonder if there will be a  fourth act to her career.
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Smith Galleries is located in the Village at Wexford, Suite J11 (UPSTAIRS), on Hilton Head Island. Gallery hours are 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday. 843-842-2280

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