Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dickinson Woodworking at Smith Galleries

Kiyomi, Audrey, Miles, &
Aaron Dickinson
I think deep down every serious craftsperson is a conservationist. They appreciate the natural materials they work with to create their products, and they realize the value of the raw materials. They can not bear to throw out useful materials. Quilters use scraps of fabrics to make their quilts; knitters find small projects to use up yarn left from larger ones; potters make small vases or bottles to fill the small spaces between large pots in the kiln.

Cheese Slicer, Wooden Spoons, &
Cutting Board with Drip-rim
But let me be clear; using left over materials in no way diminishes the creativity or functionality of the product. In fact, I believe it increases it. The artist must devise items that are functional, well constructed, and beautiful.

Aaron Dickinson, a furniture maker, started a whole business making kitchenware as a way to use up leftover wood from his furniture business. As you look at the designs and purpose of Dickinson Woodworking cutting boards and treenware, I think you will agree that Aaron and his wife have been successful in their pursuit to make the most of reclaimed materials.  In fact, their
Single & Double Spoon Holders &
Various Wooden Spoons
kitchenware is now their primary business. Using locally sourced wood, they combine them in such a way as to bring out their warmth and depth of color. Using creativity, they have developed products that are both useful and lovely to own.

Because I spend a good amount of my free time in the kitchen, I love to use utensils made of wood. They feel so good in my hand Dickinson’s Woodworking.)
Cutting Board Selection
at Smith Galleries.
and do not damage cookware. I love wooden cutting boards because they are both functional and lovely to look at. They also make beautiful serving pieces for certain applications. See more here.

Smith Galleries is located in the Village at Wexford, Suite J11 (UPSTAIRS), on Hilton Head Island. Gallery hours are 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday. 843-842-2280

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