Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Christmas Ornaments

The sun, the moon, and the stars; all are sources of illumination and guidance in the heavens. It is no wonder that globes and stars are two of the most popular shapes for Christmas ornaments.

Glass Eye
2017 Signature Ornament
Hand blown glass ornaments are a wonder in themselves. Beginning with a mixture that is mostly sand to which intense heat has been added and placed on the end of a blow pipe one watches the skilled glassblower blow a bubble, shape it, add color to it, and then cut it loose. That is a very simplified description of a very complex process that takes immense skill and specialized equipment.

Glass Eye Studio is the premier hand blown glass ornament studio in this country. Begun in 1978 by Robert Adamson, it has grown and flourished for nearly 40 years, becoming a training ground for many young glass artists in the Pacific Northwest. No other studio has the variety and quality of ornaments that we see in Glass Eye products.  A special treat is the annual limited edition ornament that has become a collectible for many. Another shape that has significance for many is the heart, and Glass Eye gives us an impressive selection from which to choose. See ornament being made here.

Friendship Ornament
By Kurt Meyer
Kurt Meyer, a woodworker in the northeast, creates the most beautiful wooden star ornaments. The short video shows his complicated andprecise process much easier and clearer than I could explain it. The result is a beautifully crafted star that reminds us of the star the shepherds saw in the night sky that led them to Bethlehem.

Pewter Starfish Ornament
By Trimdin
Pewter ornaments in the shape of sand dollars and starfish are brought to us from Trimdin. They represent gifts from the sea that in their simplicity remind us of light and its source.

Whether you place ornaments on a tree with lots of lights that add sparkle, or use them in bowls, in windows, or in arrangements; these handmade ornaments, made with skill and heart, represent the best in hand made ornaments found anywhere in this country.

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