Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Week at Smith Galleries - 2017

As we move into the heart of this Thanksgiving week, we are cognizant of the many reasons we have to be thankful. We are hosting our 30th annual Open House this Friday and Saturday, the first celebration in honor of our 30 years at Smith Galleries. As we think back on all those years, a kaleidoscope of memories and impressions stream across our consciousness.

We first think of all the hundreds of artists whose work we have shown the last three decades. Many of them have been with us nearly the entire time!
Our cats are all decked out in their
Small Business Saturday kerchiefs
and ready for SBS on Saturday,
November 25.
That is a long relationship; one that has blessed us with many friendships. Many of those artists are no longer with us; some have passed away while others have retired or changed professions; but their work remains a part of our memory. Often a customer will come in and talk about this artist or that piece of art they bought years ago and still enjoy. Each year we try to make new friends and show their work, hoping to develop more new and lasting relationships.

Next we think of all the wonderful people who have crossed the threshold into the gallery and what they have brought us. We do not get to travel much because we are here every day but Sunday. (Wally says we are like dairy farmers who have to be at the barn everyday.) But we have met people from many states and several different continents and had conversations with them about their homes. We have watched families celebrate milestones; we watched their children grow into adults. We’ve rejoiced with them in the happy times and mourned in the sad times. And through it all we are thankful that you continue to make us a part of your lives.
Of course we remember good years and the not so good years, but through it all we have remained true to what we set out to go. We celebrate American craft, the people who make it and those who appreciate it; and we get to do it together. Yes, we have a many things to celebrate this Thanksgiving. And may it be so with you and yours.

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